From the time my son Bentley was born we knew that he was special. He was born with abnormalities which put him in close constant contact with  an amazing neurologist, under her watch at about 18 months we noticed something bigger was going on. My bouncy baby boy was missing a lot of milestones, after much observation it was our conclusion that he had autism. He was diagnosed the day after his second birthday, and three months later started intervention at Stepping Stones Fundy Region Inc. Learning how to help my little human adjust to life differently than other people was no easy task, but with the help of stepping stones we were able to accomplish this goal. When he first started, my son was essentially nonverbal, completely antisocial, had very poor communication skills and was over stimulated constantly. Stepping Stones was there  to address all of our issues and did so quickly. Their response time was impeccable, always there willing to do whatever it took to make my son comfortable, to help him learn and grow and to help me learn and grow with him. Through their intensive therapy program my bright, handsome, well accomplished boy is now a social butterfly! He makes friends wherever he goes, he is constantly in the spotlight with his friends. He communicates better than most children his age do, he excels at math and loves to learn. He is active in many group activities and sports, such as swimming, soccer and gymnastics; these are things that I would have never thought possible for him 4 years ago. His clinical team at stepping stones was the most phenomenal group of experts I could have ever asked for, their love for what they do on a daily basis shows through my  son and all he has accomplished thanks to them.

- Veronica Roy