Mondays with Marcus 

Marcus is an amazing 10 year old boy who attended Stepping Stones just about 5 years ago. We believe there are no limits for a child with autism, and neither does Marcus. He is helping the community change the way we see autism. 


Episode 1

In this episode Marcus amazes us with his memory of NHL Stanley Cup champions. He also sends a message to other children about what it can mean to have an autism diagnosis. 


Episode 2

In this episode Marcus lets us see his funny and goofy personality. Marcus can't help but make people laugh. 


Episode 3

In this episode Marcus tells us what types of things he is "smart at". He also answers if he thinks there are any limitations for children with autism.


Episode 4

In this episode Marcus shows off his amazing memory by listing all 50 American states in alphabetical order. 


Episode 5

In this episode Marcus answers NHL trivia questions. He also explains how he is able to remember so many interesting facts.