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Do you have a Family Member or Individual that you would like to help find a job in our community?

At MyJob, we aim to empower individuals with developmental disabilities to live their best life by providing activities that will increase their confidence with independent daily living skills, social communication, and vocational skills. When our participants are ready to begin their journey to employment we will be there to assist them in finding the right job in our community, acting as a liaison with future employers and supporting each person as they transition to and grow in their new role.

What We Offer:

  • Center and community based day programs

  • Supporting our individuals to achieve personal goals

  • Vocational and daily living skills for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

  • Safe, supported environment for learning

  • Highly trained and experienced Clinical Team and Inclusive Behavioral Technicians

What Sets us Apart?

MyJob was developed and designed by a BCBA and SLP/ Phd-candidate who specialize in intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, social-communication skills, and reducing high levels of challenging and self-injurious behavior.

When you’re at MyJob, you become a part of our work family. You will be accepted for who you are! Not all jobs can tolerate challenging or disruptive behavior, but at MyJob we want you to know that you belong here, just the way you are. We will work on your team to help teach you the skills you need to be successful in the community and at vocational settings.

At MyJob we want our individuals to learn new skills in order to live life to their greatest potential! A combination of the following services will be offered:

  • Daily Living Skills (self-help skills, eating and nutrition, cleaning and chores)

  • Social Emotional Learning (Zones of regulation, understanding emotions)

  • Speech and Language

  • Individual Coaching/Mentoring

  • Positive behavioral supports

  • Vocational Skills (time management, computer skills, sorting, reading and writing)

  • Matchmaking service (job placement)

  • Volunteering opportunities (Spy Camp, Flagship)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anger management

  • Coping Skills/Behavior Management

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