Our son, Noah has had great success while at Stepping Stones. Stepping Stones staff take the time to get to know each child; what he/she likes; their strengths and their weaknesses. Our child was set up for success; and if that meant changing the way their program normally goes then change is what would happen.

Noah struggles with learning and with recalling words that he has known/heard his entire life. For example calling “Grammy”, “Auntie” even though he has always called her “Grammy” and heard everyone else call her that. This transferred into his daily communication and learning. Noah also struggles with retaining information and learning in the typical way. Stepping Stones staff was open to every possible solution, working as a team they were able to come up with strategies to help Noah learn and eventually retain information.

Noah also struggles with Anxiety. This reached a point where he was unable to leave our home without vomiting and/or screeching. He didn’t want to be anywhere there was going to be people; he just wanted to be home. He also didn’t want people in our home, he spent much time in his bedroom watching Barney. With the help of medication and his ASW, Noah seldom has severe anxiety.

The team at Stepping Stones are willing to involve any professional that is needed. The team will do what it takes to make a child successful. Today Noah has transitioned into Kindergarten with no problems as all the support he needs is in place. Stepping Stones changed our lives by transforming our little boy into a boy we thought we would never see. Noah will still face struggles but his future is much brighter because of his Stepping Stones team.