Noah's Story

As my son now moves to a new agency, I must thank you for all that he's achieved at Stepping Stones. It is bittersweet, the work, the skills and communication that he's gained since starting at Stepping Stones last year have been phenomenal!! He went from a quiet, shy, challenged by changes (from anything like clothes to food to making friends) to a vocal social little man who is claiming his independence every day. I am forever grateful to have had such incredible people work with our family. It hasn't been easy between shift work and school with my oldest but I found understanding and compassion within your staff.

I have to admit, he's doing so well, gaining so much confidence and so much more vocal than ever. He wants to make friends and can't wait to go to school in September... I couldn't be prouder of the progress he's making.

Thank you for all that you do.

We may see you again in Flagship Adventures :)

Nadine G

Did you know that your school aged child can continue to receive intervention at Stepping Stones. We now are offering both individual therapy & social skill intervention through Flagship Adventures. Your child could receive both a one on one worker as well as a clinical supervisor. Call 506-693-7688 for more information