At Stepping Stones our vision is two fold. First and foremost we want to use our knowledge and skillset to help every child diagnosed with autism reach their maximum potential. Our goal is to work one on one with you and your child. Your child will receive 20 hours of the best intervention we can provide per week. You will be given a team of professionals who have been specifically trained in how to use and apply the latest strategies to help your child reach their goals. We understand that children with Autism can learn differently than others. Knowing what to do in certain situations can be very challenging for families and caregivers. Because of this, we work directly with you and your family to answer any questions and teach goals and strategies that you can take home. 

 Secondly our mission is to educate and be active participants of our community. We've started a non-for-profit organization called Kite Woche. This organization helps under privileged children in our community and in Haiti receive the services they need but might not be able to afford. We also host many community events such as Spring Fling, BBQ's and Craft Fairs to give families outings where their children can have fun without judgement. Its been said it takes a community to raise a child, we believe this to be true. Lets work together to become the community that is equipped to guide, teach and raise every child regardless of need. 

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