Spy Camp is an action packed camp for kids and teens ages 5-12. This is our 8th year running this unique camp, overseen by a Speech Language Pathologist and dedicated to developing our youths social communication skills. Your child's specific social needs will be targeted through fun and elaborate activities. Everyday the kids are presented with a mission that is locked "Access Denied Mission Classified!" In order to watch the mission the children need to pass their secret agent training level. Each training level is a new social skill (social skills vary based on age group). Once the team has levelled up and unlocked their mission they will need to follow a series of elaborate clues. Each clue gives the team lots of opportunities to practice the new social goal they have just learned. From weaving through lasers to interrogating bad guys our young Spy's will have to work together to solve each mission.  Each completed mission is a piece to a bigger plot which is only revealed on the final day. This leaves the children on a cliff hanger as they go home but excited to come back each day to find out what will happen next! Learning has never been so fun!


Monday-Friday: 9am-12pm


186 Adelaide Street, Saint John NB



Spy Camp accepts children ages 5-12 


Spy Camp is $350 for a 5 day camp.
We accept cash, cheque & amp; E-transfer. E-transfers are made to

We know that Spy Camp costs more than your average camp. We understand this and are not trying to compete with your typical camp. Spy Camp is a more elaborate social skills group overseen by a Speech Language Pathologist. Our goal is to work on social skills such as: Body Language, Sarcasm, What to 'think' and not say, Bullying, Peer Collaboration, Winning & Losing, Personal Space and much more. If your child struggles with social skills and you want to drop them off knowing that these skills will be directly targeted, you've come to right spot. 


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