Celebrating Every Win!

I have a client with autism that comes to our agency for intervention 3 days a week. This little guy is absolutely adorable! He has language, however, the majority of his language is either repetitive or prompted. I will ask him to say something and he will then repeat after me. We have been working on having him say “Hi” to those he sees or meets. This is something I will prompt him to do. For example, if Joe walked into the room, I would say, “Say, hi Joe!” My client would then repeat after me; “Hi Joe”.

Recently, I have specifically been working on having him say “Hi Dylan!” (my name) when I say Hi to him. And as you can imagine, thus far, he has only done so when prompted. However, today was different! We were walking to the washroom when someone passed by us in the hall. I prompted my little guy to say “Hi” to the person walking by. Well to my surprise, instead of saying hi to them, he turned to face me and said “Hi Dylan!”. I couldn’t contain my excitement as this was the very first time he used my name without being prompted! This was a big step for my little guy and such a celebration!