Climbing It Together

I have always wanted to be a mom.

When it became my turn to have my first child, it was the purest moment of my life. I have so much pride, which hasn’t dimmed a moment since he was placed into my arms. I remember feeling so scared, because now I was completely accountable to this tiny human whom I loved so deeply. Watching our son grow and meet milestones was so amazing to be a witness to and I had a front row seat to it all. I feel like at times I am here for the ride and he is taken me along on his journey.

We got a diagnosis of autism when our child was 3 and I completely unraveled in my seat in front of these people who had just diagnosed our child. I had felt so betrayed by these individuals who didn’t know our child for everything he was and that alone had completely shattered me to the core. Very early on we decided that this (autism) will not define him, he may need to work a little harder and the people in his life will need to break down their ideas of what it means to be autistic. This diagnosis is going to be a wall he will have to climb but I know he will find acceptance in it and we will work together through it.

We love our child deeply and he has opened my eyes & taught me so much more about life than I ever could have imagined.