It Takes A Village.

When I got the diagnosis that my two youngest girls had high functioning  autism, my first reaction was to cry and ask the doctor what I did wrong. I was told that it was nothing that I did it just happens. She was very understanding and helpful and told me that the girls could go to Stepping Stones. She recommended it as one of the best programs for children with autism. 

My youngest, Josephine (Joey), just turned 6 years old last week and has come so far in her communication and social skills. Joey has been attending Flagship since she started school and loves it. For an example of how far she has come, a couple weeks ago while sitting at the supper table Joey turned to me and started asking questions about my day. This was not normal for her, so I asked her where she learned to ask so many questions. She looked at me like I should already know the answer and said, "That's how you communicate and get to know your friends. I learned it at Stepping Stones and Flagship."

That night after tucking my children into bed, I said a prayer of thanks and of protection for all the people at Stepping Stones. They work so hard to help these  extraordinary children and their wonderful families. I honestly don't know where we would be without their help and support. The staff has become a part of our family at the time when we needed them the most. Thank you for loving our children as much as we do.