My Little Girl Goes to "Big Kid School"

Well, it has begun... The "I MUST have a ‘Frozen’ book bag with the matching lunch box and pencil case" and the "I don't like that color eraser" meltdowns. 

Last month we got our daughter Rylan’s school supply list in the mail and my heart ached. She starts Kindergarten this year and I had been putting off all of my worries, but that list made it all sink in. My daughter has been going to AIS (Autism Intervention Services) and was previously at Stepping Stones receiving autism intervention. I myself was an employee at Stepping Stones, so I know everyone who works with her. We have an amazing support system and Rylan feels very comfortable with these wonderful workers. But come September, everything is going to change. While most people get excited at the thought of their children going to school, I was having some serious anxiety. And not only because she is my first baby to go to "Big kid school", as Rylan calls it, but also because it is a lot bigger than anything she is used to, there are strange people who aren't "mummy's friends" and not every child she has been with for the last year will be sharing a table with her anymore. So many big transitions lie ahead. I felt terrified about how she would handle all these coming changes, and just how many meltdowns and sleepless nights that we were going to have.

So while I was having an internal crisis moment, Rylan noticed. She asked me what was wrong and I told her that I wasn't ready for her to go to "big kid school" yet. She never missed a beat, and replied in her sweetest voice, "It's okay mummy. I have to grow up and go to school and get big. You'll always be my mummy and once I am all big like you, then I can be your best friend too."

That moment was enough to settle all of my persistent worries. In that moment I was able to see my little girl and all that she has become. So I think we're going to be okay. There are going to be meltdowns and rough mornings, but I think Rylan has this growing up thing figured out! At least she is more comfortable with it then I am. ;) 

And she may not know it now but I couldn't ask for a better best friend then her. 


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