"O Canada"

There I was, rushing through the door in preparation for an upcoming meeting, my mind filled with the many tasks I needed to accomplish that day. I find there is always so much to do in a day, your mind is constantly consumed by all the projects you need to accomplish before you can have a moment to relax. Well, I was literally stopped in my tracks!!

 I remember feeling overwhelmed by emotion as I heard the wonder of little voices joining in some measure of unity to sing …. The National Anthem! I placed my purse and briefcase on the floor, unlatched the door to Anchors Away daycare and placed myself in a prime location to hear and watch the angelic faces of our little ones sing such a momentous piece! My smile was uncontainable. There was just something so beautiful about seeing our children join together to sing about the beautiful country we call home.  Most people would have only heard a song, I heard the endless possibilities of their future.