Riding The Rollercoaster

When I was asked to participate in sharing blogs about day to day life with Autism, I was very excited. I thought “wow, what a wonderful way to connect and share with the autism community and others outside of that community”. But once the time came to sit down and share my piece, I became very overwhelmed with emotion. Because, at the end of the day, life with autism is an emotional rollercoaster.

And these past few weeks have been some of our harder moments. I wanted to share something positive in the beginning. I wanted to write about how kind and gentle our amazing boys are. I wanted to tell the world all of the wonderful things that they share with us, and how hard they work to complete their goals every day in therapy and how far they’ve come. I wanted everyone to know that my husband and I feel we are the luckiest parents alive to have these sweet silly little men as our sons.

The other part of me wanted to share the parts that are not so easy for us. That, as parents, we feel very alone some days. That watching our children struggle when trying to talk and ask a question that would normally come so easily to other kids is horrible. And when we don’t understand what they are asking quickly, it causes a meltdown because they know exactly what they want to say, but somehow can’t make the connection from their brain to their mouth to form the words they want so badly to come out. And that every part of our life is focused around..

trying to stay calm, trying to maintain a strict routine to avoid chaos, and knowing that no matter how frustrated we are, they are a million times more frustrated. And the older they get, the more frustrated they are.

I want other parents to know that bad days are okay too. And you are not alone. No matter where you are at on this roller coaster, it’s the lowest part of the ride that makes the way up so much better. So keep hanging on.