Resources To Be The Best You

Have you ever noticed that the standard airline safety speech instructs parents that, if oxygen is required, it is important to place the oxygen mask on themselves first prior to placing it on their child? When I first heard this, I acknowledged that it made sense, however, as a mother, my natural instinct would be to make sure that my child had the oxygen first. It does make sense though, that if I pass out due to a lack of oxygen, I would be rather useless in protecting my child.

This train of thought could also be applied to our every day life as a parent. Our children require our care, for which we gladly give. The stress though that accompanies parenting can sometimes be extensive.  As each day blends into the next, are we, as parents, taking care of ourselves?  Are we ‘in good health’ emotionally, spiritually and physically? If we can answer ‘yes’ to this question, we are much better able to ‘be’ what we need to be for our children.  If the answer is ‘no’, our ability to be the parent we desire may be compromised.

It may seem outrageous that having enough time to take care of ourselves is even possible, but considering that we are needed by our children, perhaps it is worthy of consideration. The 4 links below offer thoughts and ideas that you may find helpful!

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