The Mind of a Child

Sometimes, I forget how incredible a child’s imagination can be and how immersed they become in everything they imagine. All of a sudden I’m reminded and it leaves me in awe of their creativity.

Like, one afternoon I was working in the daycare with the four and five-year old kids. I asked the children to clean up their toys to prepare for snack. While some of the kids were helping to clean, others were walking around pretending to be busy, looking around the room, poking toys and looking focussed. One little guy in particular was lying on the ground, his body in a perfectly straight line.

I said, “come on buddy, you have to help your friends clean up too!

and he looked at me as if I had just insulted him and he said, 

hello! I’m a hotdog!”.

It was one of those moments I had mentioned before where all I could do was say “ok…carry on”.

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