The Who, What, When, Where and Why's?

It came completely out of nowhere… Questions. They have started asking questions! It started with “what”, and then came “how” and sometimes a “where”. And recently, so, so many “why’s”. This is such a huge accomplishment for our boys! Our two boys have autism, and one of the struggles they have had is language & communication. We know they have been trying to figure out for so long how to get those questions out. To ask us “where are we going?” or “why do they have to go to bed?”. When your child struggles with speech, you can see and feel their frustration every day. We’ve spent lots of time reading “question and answer” books hoping that eventually something would just click. So for us to see that they have crossed one hurdle that has held them back is such a great feeling for us and for them! I can honestly say that my husband and I have never answered so many questions as we have in the last few weeks! And we couldn’t be prouder!

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