10 Things to do While Waiting for Autism Intervention

Waiting for Intervention

1. If you are a New Brunswick resident, your child is entitled to 20 hours of intervention per week. Read the standards that guide this intervention process.  It is great to stay aware of what you are entitled to.


2. Attend a Parent Training Course if one is available to learn intervention strategies

3. Be careful of what you read on-line. Not all writings come from reliable sources!

4. Call a local centre, that specializes in autism, for suggestions and possible clarification of questions. I.e. good books, videos, parent meetings, individual meetings

5. Meet another parent that has journeyed down a similar path. (Call local centre to find out how to make a connection)

6. Research aspects of autism for further understanding of your child’s actions and behaviours.

7. Place your child in a daycare/playgroup that has staff trained in strategies that promote communication and social interaction for children with autism.

8. Allow yourself to grieve. Although, children with autism can make incredible gains, and live a functional life, the news that your child has autism can be quite a shock. Seek out someone from your local centre who cares about what you are going through.

9. If extended family is in disbelief, provide them with information.  Knowledge is the best advocate for understanding.  Hopefully, understanding will lead to support.

10. Always remember that a diagnosis does not change your child.  It opens doors to intervention.  Your little one is the same adorable little munchkin he/she was prior to the diagnosis.

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