What Does Sarcasm Mean?

At flagship you hear and see so many different personalities. In my group I work with ages 5-8yrs old. It is so wonderful to see how each child has flourished with their goals, such as; turn taking, personal space, maintaining play and a big one, flexibility.

One afternoon after finishing snack we had a little time for free play, which is quite popular since the kids get to choose an activity they would like to do. One of my little ones decided to let me know how special I was! How sweet right?!

I commented by saying "Thank you!". She then looked at me with a confused stare and said: "I was being sarcastic Tiffany”. I played with the comment for a bit by saying "it's so wonderful of you to think I'm special" I could see her expression change as she quickly reminded me about her sarcasm. Just then another peer asked her “what does sarcasm mean?”, she quickly replied out loud: "How the heck should I know!". It was a perfect opportunity for a teaching moment!