Success Stories 

These success stories have been written by the parents and caregivers of children with Autism who have attended Stepping Stones. The purpose of these stories is to encourage and offer hope to families who may have received an ASD diagnosis for their child. All Stories have the written consent from parents to be shared. We hope these testimonials will be a light for those who may be fearful for their child.

There are no limits for a child with autism



Isaac's Story 

"We are eleven months into therapy now.  The difference is like night and day.  Some skills have developed quickly, others are take months.  His capacity to learn has been astounding and not long ago he said "I love you Mommy" for the first time..."

Jesse's Story 

“It is in our opinion, after today’s session of testing, we believe Jesse falls under the category of being on the Autism Spectrum.” And with those few words, the rug was ripped out from under our feet and our world was changed. As someone who doesn’t cry, I found myself filling up with tears in a room full of strangers..."

Bentley's Story

"From the time my son Bentley was born we knew that he was special. He was born with abnormalities which put him in close constant contact with  an amazing neurologist, under her watch at about 18 months we noticed something bigger was going on..."

Stepping Stones would love to be apart of your child's journey even after they turn 5. If you want more information about our continued intervention program click the link below. 


ALEXANDre'S Story 

"We were greeted by a team of caring women that were experts in their field. I didn't think they knew anything! I hated them, because they diagnosed my perfect boy with autism. What did this mean? I was flooded with questions like..."



Cecilia’s Story

"When we received Cecilia’s diagnosis of being autistic we were heartbroken. We had already heard those words spoken to us before, about our oldest child. We have been navigating the world of parenting an autistic child..."



Oliver's Story

"The moment I heard the words 'your son is on the spectrum' my world crashed down around me. I didn't know what the future would hold. What does this mean? How do we, as a family move forward? What do I do? How can I help him?..."

Sophie's Story

“...You didn't have the other parents you could talk to typically about what you were going through. If you mentioned that your child had autism to co- workers they would kind of look at you and say “oh I’m sorry” but I would say there's nothing to be sorry about, it's not a death sentence.”



Autumn's Story

"Autumn was “Star Student” of the month for September because of her surprising transition to school and helping to set a good example for other students. With a great school year, Autumn’s teacher had nothing but kind words."



Grayson's Story 

"I was scared and worried that he wouldn't do good in school or have any friends because he kept to himself. He didn't want anyone playing with him and that's hard in our house because he has 3 older siblings. We couldn't understand a single thing he tried to tell us and not only did that frustrate me, his father and his siblings, but it also frustrated him..."


Alicia H-2.JPG

Alicia's Story 

"When we received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder for our 3 ½ year old daughter, our first reaction was confusion: like most parents, we had a terribly inaccurate image of what a child with autism was like, and Alicia didn’t seem to fit that picture."


Nate & Noah's Story

As parents you always have that feeling when something just isn't right. It's never an easy thing to accept, mild or severe...nobody wants to see their child struggle. Everyone had told us how normal it was for twins not to speak until later in life...


 David's Story

Our story began when our son David would not respond when I called to him. I thought he might have a hearing problem, never believed it could be so much more than that...


Gavin's Story 

Makes me emotional to think of our 3 year journey with the Stepping Stones "family". I work for them now because of our experience and have no regrets ♥...



Rylan's Story 

"They had a plan for her and for us. Rylan has been there for 4 months now and already we have seen such an improvement..."


Noah's Story 

"He went from a quiet, shy, challenged by changes (from anything like clothes to food to making friends) to a vocal social little man who is claiming his independence every day..."